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Gurung Sangita

My name is Gurung Sangita.


Our family suffered a lot in 2020 because we had no job, I had touched a person who was infected with Covid-19 and I had to stay in a quarantine centre. After my quarantine finished I went home and my teeth got banged with the door which hurt me. After that me and my kids, the visa was finished. That time, for me, was very tough. We couldn’t go out because there was a chance of transmitting the virus, etc.


2021 was far better than 2020 for me because we could go out shopping and roam with kids without much fear. But in 2020, there was a scarcity of masks. I’d like to thank the HK government, they’re giving us enough masks. 


At that time, I was helpless and one cleaner lady gave me Judy’s number. The cleaning lady came to pick up garbage near my window. That was a big help from that cleaning lady. Also many thanks to Judy Gurung sister.

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