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Ah Man & Ping Lai Path

About Ah Man


Mihhas Rashad, most of the people called him “Ah Man”. He was born in Pakistan, came to Hong Kong in 1981 with his father and stayed in Hong Kong until now. He is currently working in Kung Yung Koon-Shabnam. 


Ah Man came to Hong Kong with his father and he went to a local school, but it did not go well due to his Chinese level. He quit school at middle school and started vocational training. Thereafter he worked in various fields, the industrial field, factories, and small business. After Ah Man’s father passed away, he worked even harder to earn a living for the whole family. By chance, Ah Man was invited to work in a NGO to help ethic minorities. Now, having lived in Hong Kong for more than 30 years, hee is fluent in Cantonese, and he has a good sense of humor, always making people laugh when talking to him. 


“I don’t define who I am - society or others will decide who I am,” Ah Man said. He worked in a service center for 8 years, he found the discrimination towards ethic minorities was decreasing, but true integration with the wider community was yet to be achieved. When we were doing the interview, one member of Koon Yung Koon-Shabnam brought his letter from the hospital, it was only in Chinese, he needed Ah Man and the staff from the service center to translate it. Ah Man said he came here to work,  not out of a sense of mission or to earn a living only, but because of the empathy he felt for people such as this man with his impenetrable letter. He knew how frustrating it is for an ethic minority person here, the difficulties and doubts regarding identity that come with that. He would like to help young members of ethic minorities overcome their difficulties, and he would like to contribute to Hong Kong, the place where he grew up.

About Ping Lai Path

Ah Man works at Kung Yung Koon-Shabnam, under HKSKH Lady MacLehose Center Service for Ethinic Minorities, located at Ping Lai Path Kwai Chung district. Ping Lai Path is a hodgepodge lane with various small stores, with local Cha Can Teng (Cantonese yale) and Indian restaurants. It is a small community with mixed cultures. There is a little park for people to spend time, and Kung Yung Koon-Shahnam invites ethnic minorities to renovate the environment. Part of the renovation invites neighbours to make mosaic tiles to decorate the staircase in Ping Lai Path.

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ah man1.jpeg
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About Mosaic Tile

These mosaic tiles are the creation of Ah Man and one of our curators at Kung Yung Koon-Shabnam. When Ah Man talked about Covid, he mentioned 4 keywords: "Masks”, “Video-calls”, “Doubts”, “Over-panic”. We used these keywords as title and inspiration, creating 4 different mosaic tiles each, so 8 mosaic tiles were made in total.  

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