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Embroidery art:
Through the pandemic

Nepal is rich in cultural textiles and crafts. The pandemic limited our socialising and community activity to a certain extent, it feels like this is a year of “blankness”. By making embroidery, Nepalese community coordinator Gurung, Indra (Judy) presents her experience during times of COVID-19. Judy’s stitching on white cotton shows the process of her building relationships with the community, including sending resources to the needy on sleepless days and nights, translating news and general hygiene advice, At last, she makes use of embroidery to highlight those colorful moments that have managed to still arrive in this difficult time, wishing you to discover the memories and stories of herself and ethnic minorities in the time of the pandemic. 

Title:  Through the pandemic

Material: cotton thread, cloth

Year: 2021

Researcher:Fong Ka Yan, Alice

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