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The Mask



The city is dazzling In the evening! The street is bustling! Everyone is rushing!

It's a peak hour. People going here and there! the traffic is terrible! I'm stuck!... I'm rushing!.. Here I am in the middle. Time is ticking my curfew time is calling, I need to catch my bus and it is almost there!.. people are all blocking the way! So I need to push here and there to make my way through. Then a little jog, a little run...

Gotcha! I caught the bus a second late. Sigh! Relieved! I will not be late maybe. But here I am crammed in the bus! Ugh! Ugh! Smells are awful! It's night time and it means, it's the end of fun for everyone. it's summer! So what do you expect! Man!


Today is my rest day, but I went to tire myself and climbed the mountain in Lantau!

It's worth it though! Make Chika Chika with friends and here I am running, to time in before the curfew hours bell ring!


The bus goes, a little sway here and a little sway there. Ooops! I almost step on someone's foot, my dear. Apologies! I declare.


Finally, I reached my bus stop and I have to alight. Toot! Toot! The door is closing! So I jumped out as fast as I could. Quickly, I turned on my way.


Suddenly, when I was in the dark alley, a shortcut way to our block. Thud! thud! I heard footsteps rushing to me. I turned my head to look and see a tall guy coming, with a cap covering his face under the dim ray of the street light. No one's around, only the two of us. Panic! I remember my boss once reminded me not to pass in this route during the night and gosh! it is already half past 10 in the the evening. I increase my pace to almost running and I heard him do the same. I

had an adrenaline rush as I became a fan of Usain Bolt. But I think he was a cheetah! When I stopped, he is already in front of me! extending his big hands!

Thump! Thump! My heart goes! Will I die I thought? I stepped backwards! And slowly hand in my wallet. " I'm sorry sir, I got only a dollar there", I uttered nervously gasping for air. "I'm sorry. Just hand in me my mask, it was the last piece I have", a baritone voice came. Pointing at my backpack. Stupefied! I take a look. And there it was a cute pink mask stuck and hanging on my backpack! How it was there, only the mask knows.

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